Psssst, I've got a surprise for you...

I figured its time to close the high school book officially and start the college adventure beginning with chapter one, and so I give you...

My brand spanking new BLOG! 
Straight from the womb and fresh into the blogosphere.
But I can't end the 'All you need is love' adventure
without a proper thank you to my beautiful readers.
You've been with me through the thick and thin and
really have helped me tap into my interests the right way and
strengthen my talents. I mean, what are blog stalkers and stalkee's for right?
But this isn't goodbye.
I defiantly hope to see you all over at my NEW adventure.


(drum roll please)

 the adventure starts


Changes changes changes changes changes changes, so many changes.

I have failed miserably as a blogger. I swore I'd never become the blogger who only blogs ohh every two months, if that. Someone please teach me how to blog. Like I used too. This failed relationship is heartbreaking. I'm sorry. My pour readers. If that are any still alive. I THANK YOU RIDICULOUSLY!
I've got big things in store for this blog coming up! But with the lack of a laptop, and a decent wifi contention  (first world century props..?) in my apartment, it might be a couple of weeks, but stay tuned. For bigger and better things up and coming :)

Too start the bigger and better things sooner rather than later.. um apartment? Did she say apartment? I suuure did. This girl is MOVED OUT! Livin' the college life wud up? The whole college thing is extremely bittersweet, wonderful, terrifying, challenging, WEIRD..? I mean college? What? I swear ten seconds ago I was in 7th grade.. But really tho where as the time gone? The adjustment from being away has been kind of difficult, everything is still sinking in but for the most part everything really is so great. I know I'm gonna love it here, I already do so much. My roommates are incredible. More from them due to come!

I'll post pictures of my room once I've made it as cute as I can, compared to my adorable roommate. But for now. Life really is soooo wonderful. 


Tips, tricks and a sea of emotions.

Summer has come. And with a blink of an eye summer will be gone. 
In a mere 17 days I'll be moving to big girl town. 
And in 21 days, I will officially become a college student.
My heart is overflowing with a sea of emotions.

While I'm beyond excited to start this new chapter
in my life, still watching my lovely childhood slip away 
has easily been one of the biggest heart breaks I will
ever have to face. 
As you all know, High school was fantastic. I
feel like I learned one of the biggest life lessons
while I was a high school student and I want
to help you, my fellow bloggers who are
at the threshold of high school, to
have the same experience I did. 
I guess you could call this
 Lexi's classified High School Survival Guide.
(yes I went there)

1. Get involved. I seriously cannot stress this one enough. I was only truly involved during ONE tinny year of high school and it made a world of difference. I met more people, made more friends in that tiny year than i did in the other two COMBINED. It helps you put yourself out there 100x faster than anything else ever could! Join a club. Tryout for the team. RUN FOR STUDENT GOVERNMENT. (wink wink) You may feel there isn't something for YOU, than create your own club. I promise theres away for everyone to get involved. 

2. Good grades count. Come senior year I promise you'll regret not pushing yourself to do better to get a better ACT/SAT score, to get straight A's. It matters in the long run and you'll feel like an idiot when you're the only one without a silver cord, or a scholarship. (trust me)

3. Boys (and/or girls) are not the world. This one is defiantly something you'll have to learn on your own, but it is seriously oh so true. Life become so much better, and high school will become so much more fun when you straight up just don't care about not having a significant other to hold hands with. Just focus on making tons of FRIENDS and your happiness will take care of it's self I promise!

4. It doesn't matter if you're not popular, or better yet if you are! I've learned that people generally liked me more if I wasn't trying so hard for their approval! When I was straight up being just me. It was a lot more fun being with them too, when I knew they really cared. Find your true friends. If they're quarter back on the football team, wonderful, if not, at least you have true friends. 

5. Go to dances, and other events. Other than getting involved this the best way to put yourself out there. Girls, if you want to get asked to prom then ask a boy to girls choice dances. I've heard MULTIPLE boys say this exact statement! If you feel like you don't know who to ask, ask complete stranger. I've seen couples start out like this and end up really good friends. I even know a couple who ended up getting married! And plus, going on group dates will help you meet more boys to ask to the next dance. A good 87% of my dates I met on a group date! Dances are easily my favorite memories from high school. Hands down. And lets not forget the sporting events of course. There really is nothing getting into the school spirit, and just going CRAZY!

6. Get a job! I highly recommend this! It looks good on college applications if you were able to keep a part time job while in school and It honestly has helped me grow up so much faster! Plus having an income means you'll be able to have fun on the weekends and do the funnest things when it comes to dances! Its defiantly not a priority though. If you take the above steps more seriously then you may not have enough time for a job which is more than okay! Its just a good idea!

7. Like a favorite childhood star once told us all, Life's what you make it. So, make it ROCK! This, right here, is easily the number one most important lessons I think I learned in all years of high school. It truly is all about your attitude. How you face things. If you go into high school with a bad attitude you'll have a bad experience. You have to be there so you might as well make it count! You'll hear over and over again that High School sucks, and yeah I'll tell you now, it won't be easy. I've had my fair share of tribulations no doubt, there were even a few moments when I would have given anything for high school to be O-V-E-R. But I managed to pick myself back up and make the best of it. And looking back now I can honestly say I'd relive any trip to Hell again just to do all the good things once more! You can have the same experience if you want it.

I hope this helps you. High school really can be the greatest experience if only you let it.

Okay now for you college kids.
Help a soon to be freshman out.
You we're all there once,
what are the tips and tricks
you wish someone told you about?


And rain will make the flowers grow

This cute girl tagged me in this short but sweet little questionnaire. Please join me, for my heart is ecstatic to post again. 

one. Favorite song off the top of your head? And provide a link if you can. - oh boy. I honestly can't pick just one. I love too many songs. But THIS song is suck in my head right now so I guess we'll go with that. // two. who do you look up to most and why? - My grandmother. She traveled all the way from Australia to Utah with her entire life in one suitcase, for the LDS church. That takes insane courage no doubt. // Three. If you could change one thing that has happened to you, what would it be & why? - Letting the fear of disappointing people get the better of me. // Four. What is your favorite memory? - Gee. I have tons. I love and miss my grandmothers old back yard and playing house in a tree, and the rock that looked like a toilet and her edible mint plants. And blowing bubbles with my grandfather. Or pretty much the entire year of 2013 thus far I wish I could repeat over and over again. // Five. What's your guilty pleasure? - Honestly I've never really thought about it before, but I'd probably have to say journals and target. Better yet journals from target. // Six. Any beauty secrets that you're currently loving? - Spin pins. They come in packs of two and one by itself is equivalent to like 30+ bobby pins. Genius. // Seven. Most embarrassing moment. - I don't get embarrassed easily to be honest, but there was one time when a boy asked me on a date and I gave him the wrong address. 110% on accident. Who does that?? // eight. Favorite thing about YOURself . Gloat as you may, we love you no matter what! - Hate this question. But I've always been in love with school. And learning. And I think that's a really good quality to have. 

and I tag, 

You only have to reply to six of the following eight questions. But I don't think going for all would kill ya.

1. the BEST book you've ever read? //
2. Life long dream? //
3. What, to you, is the measure of a truly good person? //
4. Whats one thing you want to say to you're future spouse right now? //
5. Favorite holiday (other than Christmas) and why? //
6. If you got a kitten tomorrow what would you name it? //
7. One confession, quick go! //
8. I'm stealing this question from dany.. Favorite thing about YOURself? Feel free to brag cause everyone has got something good to offer! // 

Anyone, of course, is welcome to join.
And to all who do please comment below with you're links.
Or to make it easier,
you could simply, comment with your answers if ya like?